What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are a superb choice when it comes to lighting alternatives that serve as both personal protection and self-defense.

What Is A Tactical Flashlight

Anyone who enjoys camping, riding, running at night, or hiking understands the value of carrying a reliable flashlight. Now picture having the confidence that, if necessary, you could protect yourself from an attack thanks to that light.

In this article we will cover what a tactical flashlight is, what they are used for and what properties you should look for when considering purchasing a flashlight. Keep reading to find out how you can get more from your tactical flashlight. 

What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

The standard flashlight you keep in your kitchen and use in an emergency is not a tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlights are made specifically for use by members of the armed forces, police, search and rescue teams, and other security or law enforcement authorities.

Once you handle your tactical flashlight you will notice that the metal housing is much more sturdy. This durable, damage-resistant flashlight is made of military grade materials that ensure they survive through nearly any situation.

Don’t forget they are extra bright and have an extremely long battery life. 

If you are not part of the military or police and don’t feel comfortable owning a handgun or pocket knife then a tactical flashlight could be the defense mechanism for you.

They are legal and can be carried into public places such as offices, airplanes and theaters. 

Uses Of Tactical Flashlights 

You can use a tactical flashlight for way more than your typical household flashlight.

When they were first produced they were intended to be attached to rifles (Also check out .177 vs .22 Air Rifles: Which is Better?), pistols and shotguns to ensure soldiers could easily identify their intended target in low light environments. 

Here are some other situations where you may be inclined to use a tactical flashlight:


When it comes to self-defense, tactical flashlights are commonly disregarded, but if used properly, they may be highly useful. Attackers and opponents have an advantage in the dark and have a greater probability of succeeding in their plans.

When looking for an attacker in the night, you can easily identify and defend yourself. It is often found that when an attacker is stunned by a bright light they are more likely to flee, which is the general aim when practicing self-defense. 

In the event that the attacker continues their attack once being identified you can use the bright light of the flashlight to momentarily blind them. This gives you the opportunity to flee to find help or defend yourself effectively. 


Yes, they do have the original purpose of illuminating a darkened space. They are small enough to easily carry in your pocket, handbag or backpack as you travel. 

You may wish to keep a tactical flashlight on your person at all times. This can be beneficial if you happen to find yourself walking home alone at night and want some extra security.

A bright light can deter an attacker and give you more security than a flashlight on your phone.

A powerful tactical flashlight will help you stay safe from prospective attackers while also improving your ability to see your surroundings. This could help you avoid tripping over rocks or falling into unexpected holes.

For Emergencies

When the power goes out, your first instinct is to look for a light source. AKA a flashlight. Often we store our flashlights at the back of a drawer or under the sink which can often be difficult to find again. 

Now, a regular flashlight would still be helpful in this situation, the battery life may not be great and you could quickly find yourself surrounded by darkness once again.

A tactical flashlight has a strong, concentrated beam which is great for signaling for help and giving you light for longer. 

Signaling For Help

Now you may feel that any type of flashlight is useless when signaling for help unless you happen to know Morse Code. But that is not true. A tactical flashlight can be very useful.

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Before you begin yelling or waving your hands in order to catch someone’s attention, you may want to reach for your tactical flashlight. 

A tactical flashlight has a built-in function for Morse Code. They can automatically use a strobe light in order to signal SOS to help you signal for help. This is helpful in a situation where there are no people within immediate vicinity or you cannot make any noise. 

Features Of A Tactical Flashlight 

To make a tactical flashlight worthwhile it should be compact, long battery life, durable and have a better output. Otherwise it is just a fancy looking flashlight. 

Here are a list of features that make a tactical flashlight just a notch better than a household one. 

  • Waterproof. A tactical flashlight should be able to function in all weather and situations. Therefore, it needs to be waterproof in order to work in the rain or storms. 
  • Light Modes. Strobe mode, which enables you to flash the light very quickly at regular intervals, should be present on a good tactical flashlight. This can be used to disorientate an attacker or signal for help. 
  • Compact. A tactical flashlight should be small enough to fit in your pocket, purse and palm of your hand.
  • Materials. Your tactical flashlight should be constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials that are difficult to bend, break, or crack. It should ideally be constructed of aluminum of aircraft quality. It’s a sturdy but lightweight metal.


In times of emergency, protection or simply needing a light in the darkness, a tactical flashlight is a viable tool. 

A tactical flashlight is durable, compact and bright. With a longer battery life than a regular flashlight, a tactical flashlight will get you through any situation. 

Whether you need to signal for help, disengage an attacker or find your keys, a tactical flashlight is the ideal device to have. 

So, if you want something that offers more than just a light, a tactical flashlight is for you!

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