What Is Biological Terrorism?

There are many potential threats to our country and one of the very real threats is biological terrorism.

What Is Biological Terrorism?

Biological terrorism, otherwise known as bioterrorism is when there is a deliberate release of viruses, bacteria or toxins.

This will usually result in the death or serious illness of plants, animals and of course, humans. But bioterrorism goes beyond its literal meaning. 

This guide will look at exactly what it is, why it is a threat and what you can do about it. 

So, What Is Bioterrorism?

As we mentioned, biological terrorism or the shortened term of bioterrorism is when a person or group intentionally releases a harmful agent, toxin, virus or bacteria into the environment which often leads to the death or serious illness of living beings and nature. 

Why Is Bioterrorism Committed?

Bioterrorism might be committed as a way to hold a government or country to ransom, to coerce them into making decisions which further the terrorist’s political or social agenda. 

Other than this, bioterrorism might be committed due for no reason other than to wreak havoc. 

The Threat Of Bioterrorism 

The threat is very real. Most intelligence suggests that other nations, terrorists groups and international criminals have the capability, resources and know-how to commit such atrocities. 

Due to the internet and particularly the dark web, law enforcement agencies are finding it increasingly more difficult to trace where and how international terrorists are purchasing items which could cause harm. 

As a result, these groups can make purchases and plot terrible crimes without too much of a threat of being caught – at least not quickly anyway. 

What Could Bioterrorism Do?

Depending on the severity of what biological agent is released in terms of its infection rate, where it was released and how large of a scale it was released, the threat can be very dangerous. 

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) may struggle to provide American citizens with adequate information to prevent viruses from spreading, which could cause rapid infection rates. 

Additionally, hospitals and other medical centers would likely be overrun – made even worse by a lack of doctors and other medical staff. 

Bioterrorism could infect millions of people and wipe out a large portion of the population.

Aside from that, it could cause things like water to be contaminated causing a slow and painful end. 

Some agents may kill off the majority of plants which could cause serious repercussions to our ecosystem – making the animals infected in the process and in turn, we would struggle with starvation. 

It’s unlikely that any defensive plan the Government comes up with would work in time, so you’d need to be prepared yourself just in case. 

How To Prepare 

Most Governments and other organizations such as Interpol will have a plan of response for when bioterrorism might occur.

However, it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself for what might happen. 

Here’s what you could do. 

Talk To Your Family 

What Is Biological Terrorism?

If you have children, it’s important that you inform them of what could happen and why it might happen. 

Tell them and the rest of your family that you’re planning a disaster recovery plan and explain to them what it entails. 

Remember, try not to panic them or overinflate the situation.

Whilst it’s possible for bioterrorism to occur at any moment, it’s important that they do not feel anxious and panicked all of the time. 

Plan Your Shelter 

For many threats to our nation, shelters are a good idea. They provide a place to hunker down until armed forces and national guards calm things on the outside. 

Whilst this is never a guarantee either, it’s always going to be in your best interest to ensure your survival for as long as possible.

So, think about either building or purchasing a fallout or bomb shelter. 

You’ll want one that biological agents cannot get into, so air purification units will need to be purchased.

Also ensure you have enough space and facilities to last you for a while – it could be a long wait until the outside world is safe enough. 

It’s worth noting that not all biological threats will require this level of shelter.

Your home may be adequate enough, but some homes are very open and susceptible to easy spreads of viruses, bacteria etc.

Plan Your Escape 

If hunkering down isn’t in your interest, you could plan an escape. This could be international or to another state – it all depends on the severity of the bioterrorism attack. 

You may need to access flights in a hurry or a boat. The likelihood is that if any biological threat is reported, international transport will either be overrun or cease to run at all. 

Due to this, you may need to think about having your own transport. 

Take Provisions 

Whatever you decide to do, you will need some basic provisions and some more advanced things. 

Above all, you will need enough water for you and your family for at least three days.

However, it’s advisable to get more. The problem will be carrying it all, as it is not advised to carry too much in survival situations. 

You also need to consider space if you decide to use a bunker. It might be worth thinking about a water purification unit.

You will also need food that lasts – such as canned foods. 

Due to biological agents affecting you through either skin contact or through the mouth, nose and eyes, you will need to source protective gear (similar to radiation protection) and a gas mask. 

It may also be worth taking some sort of protection like a gun – although this will be less required in this scenario. 

The Bottom Line And What To Remember 

It’s always a good idea to keep abreast of the news and practice good hygiene during such a threatening time – but more importantly, if bioterrorism becomes imminent, be prepared and remain calm.

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