Best Online Survival Resources

There are many fantastic online survival sites out there. This fact alone can make it hard to…survive the multitudes of options available.

So, how do you navigate through the plethora of online survival resources and arrive at the ones that are actually good? You read our article of course!

Best Online Survival Resources

So, if you are interested in finding an online survival resource that will actually hold all the information you need, make sure to read this article to find out everything you need to know.

So, without further ado, let us get started!


This online resource is one of the best out there. It shows you everything you need to know about prepping from DIY to what to do in various situations.

They shed a little light on what to do in a real world emergency while also talking about what your best course of action would be should something a little crazy happen. Like a worldwide flood…or a zombie apocalypse.

Survival Blog

This website is managed by a person named James Wesley Rawles. He used to be in the United States Army, so he knows how to handle himself in emergency situations.

In this website he shows you what you can and should do to prepare for the worst.

American Preppers Network

This company is owned by two people, the goal of this website is to show Americans how to be self-reliant and prepare for catastrophic situations.

Their library is full of important information that you can reference to help you survive no matter what kind of apocalypse you are preparing for.

The Survivalist Blog

The owner of this online resource has written several books on survival. In fact, these books are among some of the go-to references for survivalists and preppers.

The website covers a vast array of topics on survival all of which is very helpful for various situations. So, make sure to check out this website to learn more.

The Survival Mom

The owner of this site has the goal of creating a balanced home life while also showing people what they can do to prepare for the end of the world.

They have various blogs on this topic while also having several books published on this topic.

Survival Life

This resource is a no nonsense logical site that offers information on bush craft and off the grid living in an easy non fluff way.

It has been written by people with various skill sets all of whom try to impart their knowledge onto people that want to make use of the information they offer.

Ready Nutrition

This site takes a different approach to survival. They focus on homesteading and how to store various foods (Also check out Food Caching Tips & Tricks) in case of an apocalypse.

The owner is a veteran of the Red Cross who helped during the 9/11 disaster. All the knowledge that they have to offer has been captured and uploaded to this site so that you can learn what to do in case disaster strikes.

Off Grid Survival

The owner of this site is someone named Robert Richardson who has more than twenty years of survival experience.

He offers in depth advice and blogs on how to approach various situations and how to be prepared for them.

Backdoor Survival

This survival resource is a brilliant find if you are looking for somewhere that you can learn how to make DIY projects that will help you out in case of a disaster.

They also cover various things about food storage. So, make sure to check out this amazing survival resource to learn more.

Best Online Survival Resources

Survival Cache

This survival resource covers literally everything you need to know. From growing your own food to gunsmithing.

After you check out this survival resource you will be well on your way to being a seasoned survivalist.

Modern Survival Blog

This site started out in 2010, so it is relatively new to the scene. Despite that it covers a wide variety of survivalist topics that you will do well to learn more about.

There are more than fifteen articles for you to check out if you want to learn more on this topic.

It’s Tactical

This blog started out in 2009 and is run by a group of amazing people. There are a ton of amazing articles that you can check out if you want to learn about how to get by in the case of an emergency.


The team at this blog covers everything you could ever need to know about survival and prepping.

It is a fantastic place to get all the information that you need. You can learn about survival strategies, tactical gears, and weapon reviews.

Willow Haven Outdoor

The mission of the owner of this site is to teach people about outdoor survival. This includes various skills and other tips you might need to live in the wilderness without dying from exposure or thirst.

Disasters like that are avoidable if only you learn how to deal with them.

Tactical Intelligence

This resource was created with the intent to give people the information they need to be prepared for emergencies.

This includes both modern and primitive survival tips as well as various other topics that you will almost certainly need should disaster every strike.

Prepped Housewives

This site talks about how important it is to be prepared for when a hurricane strikes.

Ever since a natural disaster like this happened to Jamie she has been very passionate about being prepared for when things go wrong.


This resource covers various DIY guides and other topics that will prove beneficial to you in the case that the end of the world really happens.

Everything is well laid out and easy to find so you can research at your leisure.

More Than Just Surviving

As with most of the survival sites here, More than just Surviving talks about the usual things that you need to know about how to survive in the wilderness and should disaster strike in your hometown.

They mostly cover what gear you might need and how to use it but they also talk about other things that you might find helpful in the case of an emergency.

Best Online Survival Resources

Modern Survival Online

Welcome to modern survival, this site talks about everything you will need to know about homesteading.

Bushcraft, and just about anything else that you can imagine. So, make sure to check them out when you get the chance.

Mom With A Prep

As the name might indicate, this site is run by a Mother who is into prepping. She shares her journey on how she got into this scene and what she does that can help you to be prepared for when disaster strikes.

Prep For SHTF

If you are looking for a survival resource that focuses on product reviews and how-to-guides then this is probably one of the best resources out there.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in learning about then make sure to check them out.

All Outdoor

This site focuses on hunting and fishing for the most part, but they also cover various things you might need to know about survival in the great outdoors.

From what gear to use to what to do in different scenarios. They cover just about everything which is why they are such a good resource to check out.

The Prepared Ninja

This site owner is known for regularly uploading new articles and being quite present on Twitter so you will be able to ask direct questions and constantly get new information thrown at you with this resource.

Urban Survivalist

This survivalist resource has literally hundreds of articles on their suite that cover a variety of topics. From what to do if disaster strikes in the city to other hints and tips to keep in mind.

It is a really great resource and one that you should certainly check out if you need survival tips for urban areas.

Survival Sullivan

This resource is filled to the gills with very informative and good quality articles on various parts of survival and prepping.

They are known for doing in depth content that perfectly covers everything you could possibly need to know on survival.

In The Rabbit Hole

This is another site that got a late start in life and is quite new to the scene. Despite that they offer a plethora of information on urban survival and their passion for prepping.

On top of that they also have a podcast setup so you can listen to them talk about survival wherever you like.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing

There is a ton of useful stuff on this site. They cover hiding, self-reliance, preparedness, prepping, outdoor survival and many other topics.

On top of that they also have access to other resources like books which could be a huge help in preparing you for the end of the world.

Best Online Survival Resources

Rethink Survival

If you are looking for a survivalist site that covers everything you need to know about what to do to keep your family safe in case of an emergency, then this is the ideal site for you.

Survival Punk

This site is owned by someone named James who is very passionate about survival, punk music, and following a paleo diet.

On top of having a great site with tons of information he also has a podcast so you can listen to him and his friends there to learn more about him and his experience with survival.

Survivalist Prepper

This site is run by a happily married couple that are passionate about survival. They have a lot of content about preparedness and how to store food.

The owners of this site cover a variety of topics that you are sure to find helpful.

SHTF Preparedness

This site is run by yet another husband and wife team. Their passion is DIY and various survival outlets like bushcraft, first aid, camping and more.

There are even a ton of blogs about prepping so you can learn how to do that and more with this survival resource.

Homestead Dreamer

If you are into homesteading then this might be a good site for you to follow. They bring you along on their journey to become self-sufficient homesteaders while also teaching you how to survive.

It is a great site to check out if this sounds like something you would like to learn more about.

Survival Mastery

This online resource which is ideal if you are looking for a place to show you where to purchase survival gear.

They do have informational blogs on how to do things that will help you to survive then make sure to check out this resource.

Geek Prepper

This site is ideal if you are looking for survival gear and skill guides. There are many topics that they cover including how to pick handcuffs and various locks.

So, if you are looking for a site that can help you gear up and teach you everything you need to know about survival in an emergency.

Tin Hat Ranch

This company tackles survival by covering a ton of different topics while also reviewing survival products.

It is a great help when you are not sure what you need in your survivalist kit or you need to learn more about what to do in certain situations.

The Weekend Prepper

If you want to learn what to do in the case of any emergency then this is the ideal resource for you. They show you what course of actions to take without literally fleeing into the mountains.

On top of that this resource is aimed toward those of us that are not exactly hardcore survivalists. So even those of you that are not very knowledgeable can still learn what to do in an emergency.


The owner of this site has technically retired, however all the amazing content that he has made is still available and up for grams so make sure to go and check out this phenomenal website to learn more about survival.

Best Online Survival Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online survival resources. So, without further ado, let us get started!

Which Survival Websites Are The Best?

There are a lot of good options when it comes to the best survival websites. But the top of the list has to be one of the following: Tactical Blog, Survival Blog, and American Preppers Network.

There are many other good options out there and the best one will depend on one hat you are looking for. But these three are probably your best bet if you are looking for general survival tips and tricks.

Should You Prepare For Doomsday?

If you are a believer that the world’s end is nigh then maybe preparing for doomsday is a good thing.

Just remember that no matter how many movies you have seen on the end of the world, they can never accurately tell you about when the true end of the world is coming.

Those same shows are designed to be interesting to watch and capture your attention. So, by all means prepare for the end of the world.

Just know, we do not know what to expect and as a result you might sink a lot of money in a secret bunker under your house only to find that the ear itself will explode.

How Do You Prepare To Survive?

If you really want to prepare to survive you will need to get a kit ready. In his kit you should include one gallon of water per person, with careful rationing this may last you enough time to find a sustainable water source.

You should also include a three day to two week supply of non-perishable food.

On top of that you will need a light source like a flashlight or tools to make something of your own that is sustainable.

You will also need extra clothing for different weather situations and various tools like scissors, a knife (You might want to check out When Must A Knife Be Cleaned And Sanitized), rope, matches, and many other little things that will ensure your survival should the worst happen.

What Books Should A Prepper Have?

There are many good books that a prepper should have read but we think that there are three big pens that every one of you should have read.

This includes the following: Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens, U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook, and SAS Survival Handbook.

Which Foods Last The Longest?

There are several foods that have a seemingly endless expiration date. But the most hardy foods can be hard to find if you do not know much about this topic.

So, the foods that last the longest are as follows: bouillon cubes, peanut butter, dark chocolate, canned tuna, dried beans, honey, white rice, liquor.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and finding out about these amazing online resources. Have a fantastic day and happy prepping!

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