About Us

Texas is a glorious place to live - but it doesn’t come without its difficulties. Texas has actually been named the fifth most dangerous state in 2020, due to statistics on weather, crime, support, and unemployment.

Hello, my name is Tim Roth and I have lived in Texas all of my life. I have seen it all - tornadoes, flash floods, and other natural disasters that have come our way.

I have kept a survival kit for all my family members in my basement since I was in my 20s. Every time a new member comes along, I make them a new kit. No one in my family will be caught out in a disaster - I make sure of it.

I teach a survival class at the local hall as well. It’s free for anyone who wants to learn about keeping themselves and their family safe, should the worst happen. 

Tim Roth

We cover how to help children and the elderly, make your own evacuation and survival kits, and much more.

The number of natural disasters happening seems to be on the up, and I want to help as many people as I can. So, I’m moving my teachings onto the internet.

If my knowledge and advice can keep just one family safe the next time danger strikes, then I’ll be a happy guy. So, please learn from me and get prepared - you never know when you’ll need a survival kit.