Make an Emergency Plan

Fill out the following Plan sections and keep them up to date. The information is stored strictly on your device, so it remains confidential.

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Contacts, Meeting Places

Use your emergency contacts to stay in touch with family members during a disaster, and to determine where you will go if you must leave home.

Use text messaging and e-mail. These use less bandwidth and battery power than voice calls, and may work even when phone service is disrupted.

If you must use your phone, keep all calls short. Use voice to communicate only vital information.

Out-of-Town Contact

Local Contact

Meeting Places

  • If you have a smartphone, save your safe meeting location(s) on its map/navigation app.

  • If you can't get to a family member at school or other function, relay a photo of the person who is coming to pick them up.

  • If your family evacuates, send them a photo of the contact person they're to meet.

  • If you have a fixed emergency meeting place, send a photo you already have stored so others will know where to meet.

  • If you don't have a fixed emergency meeting place, send photos of where and what you're near so others can find you.

  • For a quick way to send location information: draw a map on paper, take a photo and send.

Family Members

This information helps you plan for everyone's medications, medical equipment and assistive devices. It also serves to inform emergency workers about special medical conditions.

Family Location Information

Most families are not together during the day. When a disaster happens, make sure you and your family members know where and how to get in touch with each other.

Important Information

Record additional medical contact and insurance information you may need during or after a disaster.

Sheltering at Home

When staying home is your safest choice, add these items to your kit and stay tuned to the news.

Add These Items:
  • Smoke detectors with extra batteries

Evacuating by Car

You may have to leave in a hurry to get to a safe place. Locate your Emergency Kit and the supplies below and keep them near your car. Add these items to your kit. When it’s time, grab them and go.

Add These Items:
  • Road maps

Before you leave home
  • Fill your gas tank, check your spare tire

You can use your phone to take photos of:

  • Items you need to take before evacuating.

  • Special medicines or brands of food.

  • The contents of important documents. A variety of document scanner or copier apps are available to help you do this.

  • The steps necessary to secure the house before evacuating.

  • Your personal property, home or business to show their current condition.

  • Personal property you want retrived if you are unable to return home.

  • Your evacuation gear to prove ownership.