Extreame Heat

Heat can create serious health problems. Usually the elderly, the very young, the sick and those without access to air conditioning are most severely affected by heat.

Symptoms of heat illness

At first signs of heat illness move to a cooler place, rest a few minutes, then slowly drink a cool beverage.

Seek medical attention immediately if conditions do not improve.

If fluids are not replaced soon enough, heat stroke can follow causing:

Helping a person showing severe symptoms

Staying in an air-conditioned area, either at home or in a public place such as a mall, library or recreation center, is the most effective way to combat heat. If air conditioning is not available:

Children especially can quickly become dehydrated. They need to drink fluids frequently, especially water, and wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes.

Check on children often, especially if they are playing outside in high temperatures.

Other heat precautions