How To Wear A Boot Knife

Do you want to learn how to wear a boot knife?

Regardless of whether you’re a survivalist enthusiast or you love spending time out in nature hiking – there’s plenty of practical reasons as to why you might want to learn how to wear a boot knife.

Most commonly, boot knives are most often worn by hunters, hikers and other types of outdoor enthusiasts that want to make sure they stay safe while in the great outdoors.

How To Wear A Boot Knife?

Unlike other types of equipment, a boot knife is great because it’s always within arms reach and doesn’t require the use of any hands to carry it. Pretty clever, no?

A high quality boot knife is designed to sit comfortably inside your boot until you’re ready to use it, but the only question is – how do you wear one, exactly?

If you’re currently asking yourself this question, rest assured that you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to be showing you how you can wear a boot knife safely, while also ensuring that you are going to be able to reach for it in a moment’s notice.

Whenever you’re ready, just read on!

Why Should You Wear A Boot Knife?

So, before we get any further into this article, we first think that it would be a good idea to talk you through why you should consider wearing a boot knife – as it’s certainly not part of one’s everyday attire.

Generally speaking, a boot knife is designed to be worn for practical and safety purposes only – so if you happen to be a hunter, hiker or someone that likes to spend time outdoors or off the grid, a boot knife can offer plenty of benefits.

Along with this, boot knives are also commonly worn by those in the military!

Boot knives make great backup weapons for military men that are often exposed to high-risk situations where there is a chance that they might lose their primary weapon.

They are also often used by police as a backup concealed weapon in the event of an emergency (Check out Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas).

But, if you’re reading this article, chances are that you aren’t going to need your boot knife for any of these reasons.

Nonetheless, we think that it’s still interesting to learn about some of the main uses of a boot knife outside of hunting and hiking purposes.

So long as you make sure that you have a high quality boot knife, you can rest assured that it will last you for a long amount of time while also allowing you the freedom to carry a blade without requiring your hands.

Not only that, but keeping a knife in your boot also provides you with the ability of being able to comfortably carry an additional blade in the event that your main blade becomes damaged or broken.

Along with this, another main benefit of carrying a blade inside your boot is that it’s a far more safer option than concealing it in a different way.

For example, by keeping a blade inside your boot, you will have the ability to easily reach down and retrieve it with full visibility.

On the other hand, if you were to keep your blade inside your jean pocket, there is a chance that you might become injured due to the lack of visibility of it being stored inside a pocket.

The only question is, how do you store one inside your boot safely? This brings us to our next point.

How To Carry A Boot Knife?

How To Carry A Boot Knife?

Now that we have covered some of the main benefits to carrying a boot knife (as well as some of the main purposes for carrying one) we are now going to be sharing with you four simple ways that you can opt to store a knife inside your boot.

Let’s check them out below:

Inside The Boot

The first way that you can carry a boot knife is by simply inserting it inside your boot.

This can be done after you have put your boots on, and all you will need to do is simply slide the blade inside the side of your boot until it is totally concealed.

If you would like to try this, make sure that you are gentle and slow when inserting the knife, as you don’t want to accidentally catch your foot.

Inside The Laces

If you don’t want to insert the blade directly into your boot, another way that you can carry a boot knife is by simply inserting it into the laces.

This is by far one of the most effective and safest ways to carry a knife, as the tongue will provide a place for the knife to rest while simultaneously protecting your foot from being exposed to the blade.

In addition to this, keeping a blade inside the laces will also allow for quick and easy retrieval of the knife should you ever need it.

Inside A Pocket Of The Boot

Last but certainly not least, the final way that you can opt to carry a boot knife is by placing it in a pocket inside the boot.

While this option might not be suitable for everyone, if you happen to have boots that come with built-in side pockets (most hiking boots offer this feature) you can simply insert the blade into one of them to keep it safe and allow for easy retrieval should you need it.

Wrapping Up

There we have it! You’ve made it to the end.

Now that you have taken the time to read through all of the above, we are hoping that you now feel much more comfortable and confident in how you can wear a boot knife.

Whichever carrying method you chose, remember to handle the knife with care to prevent any injury. Thanks for reading!

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