How To Use A Camping Stove

A camping stove is an essential piece of equipment that can be used almost anywhere that you need to cook a meal without a usual kitchen.

How To Use A Camping Stove

A gas camping stove can be used when you are camping with the family, on a long walk, or on a trekking trip. Modern stoves are very compact, light, and easy to set up, and having the knowledge of how to use these is very useful.

It will be a huge benefit to you when you are out in the wilderness and in need of some hot food! 

Is It Easy To Use A Camping Stove?

It is fairly easy to use a camping stove when you know how it is done, and it is a very useful skill.

Whether you’re hoping for a hot chocolate on the beach on a day out with your family, or you’re backpacking solo and require a hot meal to keep you warm when the sun goes down, the camping stove is perfect for you.

There are many different styles of camping stoves, as well as sizes. Each of these stoves works in slightly different ways and will have different instructions depending on what you buy. 

The best camping stoves are very easy to use and have a lot of features that make them user-friendly. The most common stoves are gas stoves, so below are some tips on how to use a gas camping stove.

How To Use Your Camping Stove 

Follow these steps to successfully use your camping stove.

Assemble The Stove 

When you set up your camping stove, you should first ensure that everything that you need for the stove is in the bag. It is important to try setting up your stove before you set off on your trip in case anything is wrong. 

Usually, camping stoves come in lots of different pieces. Check this against the instructions which will list everything that you need. 

The stove box should come with the stove, a connector hose, and a gas bottle. You may get a few other things with it depending on the type of stove that you have purchased. 

Connect The Gas 

The next step is to connect the gas canister to the stove using the gas connector. This is the most important stage as it is the part that means that the stove will set alight and stay alight while you are doing your cooking. 

The bottle that the gas comes in is usually metal and it will have a gas line attached to it. You should be careful with the gas, and make sure that it is connected successfully. 

At this point, you should check that there are no leaks on your stove.

In order to do this, spray some water mixed with soap onto the points of the stove that connect to the gas. If you see any bubbles, then this means that there is a gas leak. Retry the connection in this case.

Ensure that you dry the camping stove well after this using a paper towel. 

Find A Good Surface 

Next, make sure that you have a flat surface to put the stove on. When you are cooking on the stove (You might also want to check out Methods To Cook Indoors Without Electricity), the surface must be completely flat to ensure that it is safe. If it is not on a flat surface, it is very easy for the stove to fall over and cause danger. 

Operate The Stove 

Next, you will need to separate the arms that are on the hob or burner so that you have the same distance between each one. This will ensure that whatever pot you are using will be able to sit on the stove without falling. Most stoves have 3 or 4 burners. 

After this, you should pump the gas around 15 to 20 times. You should do this using the pump that is in the gas canister. When you do this, the pressure will build up.

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After this, you should open the gas line slightly. You should only let a small amount of fuel out of the gas line and this will let the flames form in a little catchment area. 

When you have let the fuel out, you should get a camp lighter, and light the camping stove. You can also use a match at this point, however, you should be careful not to burn your hand! 

When it is lit, you can adjust the flame. You can make it a high or a low flame. You just do this using the fuel adjuster. The further you open this, the bigger the flame will be.

You should ensure that you don’t turn it down too low or there won’t be enough fuel and the whole thing will go out. 

Get Cooking! 

Now, you’re ready to start cooking. You can whip up some great meals on this stove. 

Tips On Using A Gas Camping Stove 

Check Your Stove For Leaks 

You should always ensure that your gas stove does not have any leaks before you set off with it. Check over your gas stove and your gas canister to ensure that there is no leak.

A good way to check your stove for leaks is to fill up a spray bottle with washing-up liquid and spray this mixture on the connection points between your gas canister and your stove.

If the stove has any leaks, you will see some bubbles on the points where the gas is leaking. If this happens, make sure that you don’t use the equipment as this can be dangerous. 

If your stove does have a leak, you will need to purchase a new stove. Before you do this, you should check to see if your stove is under warranty. If there are no leaks, then you can take your stove on your trip!

Final Thoughts 

You should now have all the information you need on how to use a camping stove!

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