Hide A Knife – 6 Places For Concealing A Knife

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or you’ve recently gotten into the world of survivalism, there are plenty of appropriate reasons why you might want to carry a knife.

The only question is, what are the best (and most convenient) places to keep and conceal a knife on your body so that you will always have it on you but still have the opportunity to enjoy non-restrictive movement?

Hide A Knife Places For Concealing A Knife

If you’re asking yourself this question, we’re here to help.

So regardless of whether you happen to be a survivalist enthusiast or you simply want to make weekend’s spent exploring the outdoors a little lighter – in this post, we are going to be sharing with you six of the best places that you can conceal a knife on your body, so that you can free up some extra space in your outdoor backpack.

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In Your Sleeve

While this might seem like one of the worst and least convenient places to keep a knife, rest assured that there are plenty of ways that you can easily keep your knife concealed in your sleeve…and the best way to do it is with an arm wrap!

The best thing about opting to use an arm wrap to keep your knife is that you will be able to ensure that your knife will always be on you while still allowing you the option to move freely and use your hands without any restrictions.

You can also use a wrap while wearing a short or long sleeve shirt, so this piece of kit is super versatile and will be able to safely hold your knife without causing any injuries to you.

This option is great for those that like to spend time in the great outdoors and want to be able to lighten their load while still keeping all of their essential safety items on them.

On Your Belt

If you don’t feel that an arm wrap is going to be the best option for you – no problem!

If you’re not the type of person that likes to have things wrapped around their forearms, a great alternative that will still allow you lots of freedom to move around as you please (while still being able to free up your hands for restrictive movement) is a belt sling or sheath.

If you’re not overly familiar with what either one of these things are, they are essentially pieces of equipment that have been specifically designed to be able to safely hold a knife (or another type of weapon, such as a gun) in order to make carrying their chosen weapon easier and more conveniently (Check out Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas).

When it comes to holding a knife, the most common type of equipment to use is a belt sheath, which will essentially fasten around your waist (in the exact same way you would when attaching a belt to your jeans) and feature a sheath pocket that you can then insert the knife into.

If you want to conceal the knife as much as you can, you could twist the sheath to the back of your body.

Hide A Knife – 6 Places For Concealing A Knife

It’s great for hunters that want to have the ability to hold their gun while still keeping a knife on their body should they happen to need it.

A belt sheath is also a great option for camping types that want to free up their backpacks without compromising on their ability to freely use their hands.

In Your Shoe’s Laces

Here’s an option that you might not have thought of! If you want to have your knife somewhere that you will be able to reach it in a moment’s notice, opting to keep it fastened safely inside your shoe laces is a great option to consider.

All you will need to do is put on some walking or hiking boots, and then simply insert the knife into the laces so that it is resting on top of the tongue. It’s as easy and as simple as that!

Around Your Ankle

Following on with the theme of feet, another place that you will be able to store your knife and easily conceal it from view is by keeping it on your ankle.

In order to be able to do this correctly, you are going to need to make sure that you are using an ankle wrap so that you will have the ability to securely fasten the knife without it falling to the floor.

It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and one that is most commonly used by police officers, soldiers, hunters and many more.

On Your Shoulder

If none of the other options seem like the best option for you, another great way that you can conceal a knife on your body is by using a shoulder sheath.

Very similar to a belt sheath, a shoulder sheath will be able to keep your knife situated directly across your shoulder, and you will then have the option of putting a shirt over the top so that it is hidden from plain view.

One of the biggest advantages of using a shoulder sheath is that you will have the ability to easily reach for it in one sweeping motion should you need it in the event of an emergency.

Around Your Neck

This is the final place that you can easily conceal a knife on your body! Neck knives have been worn and used for many years by Native Americans.

However, in recent years, they are most commonly used in the armed forces as a way to allow soldiers to always keep a knife on them while still having complete use of their hands and legs.

Wrapping Up

There we have it! Here are 6 ways that you can easily conceal a knife on your body. The only question is, which option are you going to try?

Thanks for reading.

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