10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas

Finding some cool hidden weapon storage solutions is a great way of keeping your weapon protected. It will ensure that the wrong hands don’t manage to access these weapons. 

10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas

This means that you can have weapons nearby whenever you need them. Not to mention, you will feel just like James Bond!

Hidden weapon storage options are just so awesome and look much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional storage solutions. To inspire you, here are 10 incredible ways of storing your weapons in a hidden way.

10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas

Step Storage

We love this idea of concealing a weapon in one of the steps on your stairs. These drawers are concealed in a staircase, meaning that they blend in with the other steps.

Just make sure that you remember which step it has been hidden in. Often, these drawers are found at the base of the stairs, resulting in them being convenient to open.

Sadly, people who live in apartments or bungalows won’t be able to give this idea a try. However, if you live in a home, this is an outstanding option. You should just consider that it might cost a lot of money to have one of these secret steps installed.

Concealed Headboard

This concealment method of placing a weapon in the headboard of a bed has become quite popular.

One of the advantages of having a hidden weapon in your headboard is that you can easily access it during the night. If you hear a noise in the night and want to check for intruders, you can easily reach for this weapon from your headboard.

On the other hand, the fact that this idea has been shared on social media means that people are aware of it, meaning that it is hardly a secret anymore.

Coffee Table

Why not purchase a coffee table with a hidden storage compartment? This compartment is the perfect place to store not only weapons but also any valuables you wish to protect. You can store some large firearms in these sizable storage containers.

An advantage of using your coffee table as a secret weapon storage location is that it means you always have weapons nearby. 

You also won’t have to install these coffee tables into the foundations of your home, making this a viable option for rental properties.

Wall Mirror

When people look at a mirror they focus on themselves. Most people would never even consider that there could be a weapon hidden behind the mirror. This feels like something ripped straight from a spy movie.

These mirrors can be put on the wall, allowing a safe to be installed. One of the reasons why we love this idea is that you can get wall mirrors in different shapes and sizes. 

Therefore, you can put weapons of different sizes behind them. Additionally, you can choose how much of your wall you want to be taken up by this weapon storage.


Books are not just for reading but also double as a wonderful way of storing weapons. Simply cut a rectangular shape out of the pages of a thick book. Then put a safe inside this gap where you can hide a small weapon.

This method involves destroying a book. Therefore, you should pick a book that you don’t care for. You might also want to use a second-hand book, such as one that you have purchased from a charity shop.

This weapon storage idea will blend in with the rest of your bookshelf. Nobody will have any idea that this book contains a secret weapon.

Picture Frame

Who would think to look for a concealed weapon behind a beloved family photo? Nobody is the answer.

Thick picture frames have a little added space for you to hide a small weapon, such as a knife or pistol. Though you won’t be able to fit a big weapon in these frames, they are nonetheless a good place for smaller weapons.

This is one of the last places that people would look for a weapon, as photo frames are incredibly common home decorations.

One of the benefits of this option is that it is portable, unlike many of the other ideas which are built-in. This means that you can move the photo frame and that you won’t have to spend a fortune on having a hiding place built into your home.

This makes it suitable for rental properties.

You should bear in mind that people are prone to picking up photo frames, which could expose your hidden weapon.


Floating shelves may seem too thin to hide a weapon. Yet, you might be surprised to learn that this brilliant display method allows you to conceal a weapon. 

These floating shelves can be located wherever you want. You can even install them in multiple rooms, such as your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or study. This way, you always have a weapon in close proximity.

These shelves can be made to match the aesthetic of the rest of the room, so you won’t have to worry about them standing out.


Up next, you can invest in footstools that have been constructed with hidden areas that allow you to keep your favorite weapons safe. These footstools are practical as you can sit comfortably while also keeping these weapons hidden.

People will sit on these comfortable footstools with no idea that they are perched above a weapon!

These footstools can be moved from room to room, meaning that you can choose whichever part of your house works best for you.

Under The Stairs

Stairs are surprisingly great places for making secret compartments. As mentioned you can store your weapons in a secret compartment step. But did you know that you can also make a secret hidey-hole underneath the stairs?

10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas (1)

These storage units can hold whatever you want but they are especially good for weapons. The good thing is that underneath the stairs can be quite a substantial place. Consequently, you will have tons of room to hide whatever you want.

You can either opt for a large compartment for bigger weapons, such as rifles. On the other hand, you can also make a smaller compartment if you only wish to hide a small weapon.


Last but not least, you can purchase a clock with a built-in safe. You can simply remove the clock face to uncover a secret hiding spot for whatever small items you want, such as a pistol.

These clocks look handsome in your home, often having an antique feel to them. Plus, they allow you to tell the time, resulting in these products being dual-use.

Where Should You Store Weapons?

You should keep weapons in a safe place where they cannot be found by other people, such as children. If you are storing a gun, it is a good idea to store it separately from the ammunition.

This way, the gun is less dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. Any of the above are great ways of safely storing weaponry.

Final Thoughts

When protecting your home and your family, there are loads of different places where you can store weapons. There are plenty of inventive ideas out there that enable you to store your weapons awesomely whilst also ensuring that they’re hidden!

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