Best Home Defense Ideas

Defending one’s home is the goal of many people across the world and for very good reason. The home is a place of respite, a place of safety, and is the domain wherein most people carry out their lives. 

There are few things more important than home defense, so you are likely here because you are also interested in defending your home and everything within it, right?

Best Home Defense Ideas

You’re also probably looking for the very best ideas that you can apply to your own home to help defend it.

If so, you have definitely come to the right place, because we are going to look at our very favorite ideas that can help you to maximize the defense of your home and keep it safe. Read on below to get started!

Place Warnings Outside The Home

One of the best ways that you can help to make your home more secure is actually a very simple one that is also totally unassuming.

Grab yourself some security signs that you can place on your front lawn, or stick directly to your front door that makes direct mention of the fact that your home has a security system.

If potential attackers or robbers see that you have a home security system, then they will be dissuaded from attacking it, as they will not see it as worthwhile, as they could find much easier targets elsewhere.

In fact, you could even totally bluff using this method. Even if your home didn’t have an advanced security system, suggesting that you do can often be enough to dissuade robbers.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

This is a totally inexpensive and very fulfilling way to help improve your home defense (You might want to check out The Perfect AR-15 Home Defense Build). If you have any neighbors that live nearby, or even across the street, then you will want to get to know them.

Talk to them and befriend them so that they can help you to monitor for potential threats against your home. 

Having your neighbors on your side can be beneficial as they can notify you of any unwanted visitors, suspicious vehicles, or loud noises coming from your home, even when you are not there. 

Even better, you can set up a neighborhood watch, which allows all neighbors in an area to look out for one another to keep each other’s homes protected from robbers.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage 

Naturally, robbers will want to avoid light at all costs when attempting to rob a home. This is why robberies tend to only happen during the night, as visibility is significantly reduced for everyone. 

You may want to set up automatic light fixtures across your home, and even in your front and backyards. Install some motion-activated lighting to your home that will cause bright lights to be activated as soon as they detect motion.

This will create the sense, for a robber, that they are being watched, which will make them far less likely to attempt to follow through with robbing your home.

You can also install low-energy lights that emulate the look of a television screen being on within the home. If potential robbers believe that not only are you still in the home but that you are still awake during the night, they will not even attempt to break in.

You might also want to get access to some emergency lighting, such as flashlights that you can use to not only stun robbers but is also perfect should your home ever be victim to a power outage!

Install A Smart Doorbell

Many smart doorbells now allow you to completely control your front door remotely, via your phone or other smart devices. Popular smart doorbells like Ring doorbells make use of cameras that show you a live feed of everything occurring outside of your front door.

They also allow you to respond to anyone at your front door remotely, through the use of a microphone. Say an Amazon delivery driver was to drop off a package at your door, you could easily tell them where to leave it using your Ring doorbell.

If a robber were to attempt to break through your front door, you would be able to use the microphone to scare them away without even having to approach the door.

Even simply having a Ring doorbell installed on your front door can be enough to dissuade robbers, as they will know that they can be seen, so they will more likely choose another home to target. 

Protect Your Windows

A very simple way that you can make your windows more secure is to apply a thin safety film layer to the glass.

This safety film is designed to hold all of the glass in place should the glass ever be shattered, which helps to prevent robbers from entering the house, even after the glass has been shattered. 

This means that you will have plenty of time to react should you ever hear your window being smashed, and you won’t run the risk of touching any loose shards that could cause harm.

It will also mean that your neighbors will hear the sound of your window being smashed should you ever be away from home while someone attempts to break in. 

Holding the glass shards in place makes it impossible for robbers to enter the building, even after making a lot of noise that will draw attention!

Get Your Pets To Help You

If you have a dog, then you can also easily depend on it to help you to secure your home. If a dog notices someone that is unwelcome in the home or does not belong, it will naturally be wary, and most dogs will instinctively bark at intruders to ward them off.

Most robbers will give up at this point, for fear of being attacked by the dog.

You can train your dog to recognize unwanted intruders into the home, to allow them to assert their dominance more easily. The sound of your dog barking will wake you up, so you can help to defend your home. 

You could also even train your dog to attack intruders so that intruders will be incapacitated before they can rob you of anything.

To Wrap Up

These are just a small number of the many things you can do today to help make your home safer, and improve its security. Generally, you want to aim to dissuade robbers from attacking your home before they even attempt to.

This is why motion-detecting lighting, security warnings, and film-protected windows can prove so effective!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Non-lethal Self-defense Weapon?

One of the very best weapons to use for self-defense and to protect yourself is pepper spray. Pepper spray is non-lethal, but it will very quickly incapacitate a robber or other threat.

Will Pepper Spray Stop An Attacker?

Though pepper spray will make it harder for an attacker to cause you harm, you should still be ready to defend yourself further. As soon as you have pepper sprayed an attacker, try to run away as soon as you can, and as quickly as you can, as they may become enraged.

How Long Does Pepper Spray Last For?

Pepper spray generally lasts for around 30 minutes, which allows victims of assailants plenty of time to escape and seek safety.

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