Disaster Supply Checklist

Build your kit all at once or step by step. Start with what you have at home. Then shop for the rest. Build it to shelter in place or evacuate.

Pack the basic supplies for each person in a portable container or backpack. You’ll need them whether you stay or go.

Step 1:
Food and Water
Step 2:
First Aid, Medication, Hygiene
Step 3:
Communication, Lighting, Document Bag Items

You may have to leave in a hurry to get to a safe place. Keep these supplies near your car. When it’s time, grab them and go.

Step 4:
Add These Items For Evacuating By Car

Before you leave home:

When staying home is your safest choice, add these items to your kit and stay tuned to the news.

Step 5:

Add These Items For Sheltering in Place

Pet Supplies:
First Aid Kit
Make sure your first aid kit contains these items:
Emergency Documents
Imagine how hard it would be after a disaster if you couldn’t prove your identity, or if you didn’t have access to your bank account. Avoid that difficult situation by making copies of your important documents and keeping them in a waterproof bag. Include the following items:

Special Medical Needs
(Access and Functional Needs):

Think about what you need to make it on your own. Plan now for your health away from home. Label medical equipment with your contact information.

Note: Dial 2-1-1 for information about available services during an emergency (registering for evacuations must be done every year).