Essentials - Build a Kit

Being prepared involves more than just knowing what to do during an emergency. You need to have essential supplies that will support you and your family during all types of emergency situations. Use the Emergency Supply Kit checklist to gather all your supplies. Then build your kit, keeping in mind how you will use your supplies in different situations.


In case of a sudden disaster, such as a flash flood or a wildfire, you may have only a moment’s notice to take what you can and get to a safe location. In this situation you need to grab essentials and go quickly. Click here to see what you need in a grab-and-go kit.

Evacuating by Car

In advance of a hurricane, you will likely have more notice before evacuating. Take your grab-and-go kit and gather additional supplies. Keep them in a place where you can easily pack them in your car. Click here to see recommended items for evacuating by car.

Sheltering in Place

In some emergencies, sheltering in place may be safer than evacuating. Tune in to local TV and radio for recommendations from local officials on whether to stay or go. Click here for a list of items you need to have for sheltering in place.

Emergency Documents

Imagine how hard life would be after a disaster without insurance papers, birth certificates and your computer files. To protect your family from that nightmare, make sure to include copies of important records in your emergency supplies. Click here for more information about document bag contents. Use this handy Document Bag Worksheet to get started.

First Aid Kit

Last but not least, every Emergency Supply Kit should contain a first aid kit. Click here for a list of first aid kit items.

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